Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goodbye Hassan

1) At last Tan Sri Hassan Merican has called it day as group President and CEO of Petronas. To replace him is former MISC CEO and President Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas. Hassan Merican had served the group CEO and President since 1995 till 2010. His contract ended on 9th February 2010, since then Shamsul Azhar will commence his work as Petronas CEO and President.

2) This decision will surely put an end of several months of speculations over Hassan Merican future as Petronas CEO and President. The only question mark left in my head is whether this decision was a right move or not (only time will tell). Hassan Merican contract as group CEO and President was in the dark recently particularly after his recent fallout with PM over the appointment of Omar Ghouse as PM representative in the Petronas board of directors, to rub further salts into the wound, the speculation over the issue of Petronas sponsorship to Mercedes F1 GP team instead of 1Malaysia Lotus F1 team was believed having influence on PM decision.

3)Omar Ghouse appointment as Petronas director was initially turned down by Petronas board of directors due to his faulty in repay his Petronas study loan, it was only second request by PM, board of directors of Petronas accepted Omar Ghouse as one of the members after he had fully paid his Petronas loan. Apparently, it was such an embarrassing episode to PM and Omar Ghouse.

4) If these stories true, clearly it was an unwise decision which had the affect to this decision. But I do aware it was PM prerogative to appoint anyone he like and we must respect that decision because I do think that PM is not so stupid to do that.

5) But whatever it is, Hassan Merican has left big shoes to fill by Shamsul Azhar. During Hassan Merican tenure in Petronas, we had seen a tremendous increase on Petronas income which has resulted Petronas being Malaysia only Fortune 500 company and presence in more than 30 countries around the globe. Yet Petronas has also became main source of income to our country through oil royalties, subsidies, tax & duties and dividends.

6) Government in anyway should acknowledge his contribution to the nation and must keep him in the picture since he have vast experience and knowledge in energy and O&G sectors either. Therefore, I think it was a wise decision to offer him with special position as adviser on energy to government, however pending to Hassan Merican decision whether to accept or not that offer.

7) The other O&G multinational company would probably look at it as opportunity for them to secure his service since he have very good track records with Petronas, no doubt about it. I'm sure they willing to offer him with more wages than what he got from Petronas.

8) The government and the people of Malaysia should recognize and thank him for what he has done to our country. He was a true example for anyone who have ambition to be a CEO of multinational company because he got what it takes to be good leader, it has shown through his commitment, wisdom, hard working, honesty, loyalty and lead by example. I became admire to Petronas was partly due to his good governance during his tenure.

9) Tan Sri Hassan, as a citizen of Malaysia and as Kedahan as you, I would like to thank you for what you have done to our country, may you success in whatever path you may take latter on, we will going to miss you so much.

10) Click here for further info's on his last moment with Petronas. It was such emotional moment to Tan Sri Hassan and his staff either.

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