Friday, February 26, 2010

Barisan Nasional

1) It been almost 2 years since 8th March 2008 general election, where BN lost his 2/3 majority parlimentary seats and 5 states.

2) Never in history, BN had suffered such defeat. The defeat was largely due to weak leadership of former PM, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and several controversies surrounded him and his family, including his beloved son in law controversy.

3) His defeat was partly due to strong criticism from his former predecessor Tun Dr. Mahathir which I don't have to elaborate further about it.

4) Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak succeeded him on 3rd April 2009, became Malaysia 6th Prime Minister.

5) There were too many problems left by Pak Lah which need to be deal with right approach and delicately by Najib. One of the problems in UMNO that currently facing is loosing too many supports from younger generation. To rub further salts into the wound, KJ was elected as UMNO youth chief although been found guilty in money politics.

6) Therefore, Najib decision to not field KJ with ministerial post are most welcome and represent how serious is Najib to curb corruption and to regain people support back to BN/UMNO.

7) Nevertheless, UMNO seem back to her strong foot since Najib took over UMNO president from Pak Lah. Unfortunately, the other 2 big parties in BN, MIC and MCA still embroiled in leadership tussles. You can click this interesting article about MIC problems.

8) These 2 parties represented the other 2 big communities in Malaysia, namely Indian and Chinese. But, I do believe Najib already play his role as chairman of BN in helping these 2 parties to solve their own problem without being seen to interfere, which could damaging their sovereignty.

9) The clock is ticking, there's no more time for BN wait for as next election keep it distance near, sacrifice and big efforts is needed to fill the loosing ground by now. I'm sure Najib notice about it and have confident that he has done several measures to fill the potholes, 1Malaysia is one of the example.

10) However, a long the way, there were several small hiccups that had threatened 1Malaysia concept which partly due opposition parties who seems trying to re secure their losing ground since the people started seeing how they performing as ruling party for the states they won. They started to play a usual cheap politicking as they are before by sacrifying national harmony in playing race and religious issues.

11) BN have wasted too many times already, bold decision and aggressive approach is needed, otherwise BN will lost altogether by next GE. As what PM has said, change or we will be changed, because we already has been given a preview if opposition party won the election. Let pray for that not to happen.

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