Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jihad Against Manipulation of Islam by Politician

1) Another great pieces of history of Islam wrote by Ismail Bey, which he has elaborated explicitly on dividing factors and the history of Islam soon after our prophet die. It was the history of two biggest Muslims faction, Al-Sunni Wal Jamaah and Shi'a Muslims, please read here.

2) The dividing factors in Islamic world started since the death of our prophet Muhammad SAW in 632 AD. Disagreement broke out over whom should succeed our prophet Muhammad SAW, while the Sunnis followed the companion of prophet Muhammad SAW, while Shi'a followed Ali ibn Abi Talib. The Shi'a blames Umar for his responsible of the death of Fatimah, the wife of Ali and daugther of our prophet when Umar and Abu Bakar went to Ali house to seek for oath of allegiance. According to Sunni book of hadith and books of history, the entire story did not occur. It states that Ali willingly gave oath of allegiance to Abu Bakar, though maintained a distance from him out of respect of Ali wife Fatimah, because of argument between Abu Bakar had with Fatimah over his inheritance. Soon after Fatimah death, Ali went to Abu Bakar house to re-establish closer relations. It is further refuted considering that Umar married Ali and Fatimah daugther Umm Khultum, whom he married after Abu Bakar taking khalifah, showing the good relations he had with Ali at the time. 

3) From this brief history, one could sum up that the dividing factor was politics who played vital role in dividing the Muslims people those days. To make their fought being accepted by the mass, they have used Islam as their tools to garner support from mass and claims the other as non believers. They even willing to kill their fellow brothers in the name of Islam, indeed had killed the grandson of our prophet, Saidina Hussein in Karbala. That tragedy had transformed our Islamic landscape until today.

4) The same path seems being occur in our current political scenario. There was an extreme Islamic faction who rule the so called Islamic party who used to claimed other fellow Muslims of other party as against their jihad to establish the so-called Islamic state. The Muslims people in Malaysia seems was deceived by this extremist group and accepted their fought blindly. There were some cases can be exemplified i.e., Memali Tragedy in 1985 and Al-Maunah audacious raid in 2000 on Malaysia army camp.

5) From this analogy, one could describe what path or direction of our ummah heading to. Clearly, Islam is just a tool for this group to garner support from the masses. They will do whatever it takes to keep them to pinnacle of power even if it has to destroy their own religion and fellow brothers.

6) Is this Islam had teaches us all this while? Is this Islam that our prophet Muhammad SAW had taught us? There was neither Shi'a nor Al-Sunnah Wal Jamaah those day, there is only one Islam taught by our prophet Muhammad SAW. Islam is not wrong, but we are wrong, interpret it as our like, driven by greedy and thirsty for power.

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