Sunday, December 12, 2010

Proton Current Affairs

1) The current development of Proton seems promising. The approach has been taken by current management of Proton looks far ahead than the previous management.

2) One of the main reason was the more proactive roles of Tun Dr. Mahathir as adviser to Proton. It seems that Dato. Seri Najib has picked the right person to be the chairman of Proton Group.

3) As a small automobile manufacturer relative to the other manufacturer, Proton in dire need of fresh idea to develop it car in competing with more renowed manufacturer. Someone who has automotive engineering background is needed, it seems Dato' Nadzmi managed to fill that role instead of Dato' Azlan.

4) As engineering background one would approach its direction in more practicable way rather than accountant, who is more concern on saving money rather than developing. As a result, the pace of development of engineering and growth of Proton would jeorpardize. This is what happen when previous management of Proton make a backwalk step when decided to sell off its MV Agusta shares at one Euro. Consequently, Proton has a loss valuable opportunities to tap into MV Agusta engineering capabilities.      

5) Another good development in Proton is, the removal of previous director by replacing with new directors which has more hand-on experienced in automotive industry. The input provided by these directors would help elevated Proton into new level same as other manufacturers. That is why, we can see the more agresive approach has taken by it's wholly owned subsidiry Lotus group. The introduction of five new models by Lotus and reentering of Lotus into F1, sponsoring and partnering with renowed Renault F1 team are the examples of its agression. I believe, Proton would not forget the commercial factors when deciding this approach, all aspects were taken into considerations.

6) I am sure amongs discordant voices would say, it was a sheer waste of money spending by Proton management, same as it was claimed when the government decided to built Putrajaya, Penang bridge, North-South Expressway, Proton, Petronas twin towers etc. The fund produced, should be keep under the pillow. The question is, do they knew that to keep one organization alived one must keep developing to be sustainable in the future?

7) To them, the money should be return to public for better use i.e., public transportation systems, public infrastructures (except Putrajaya) etc. Since we can live happily without so much hindrance and development thats ok. Theres nothing to be proud of.       

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