Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MCA Next Election

  1. 1)I'm fully support Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting decision to contest for MCA presidency post in MCA next election.
2) With current state of affairs in the party and being immediate past president, he has responded to call of duty and undertake this challenge to bring stability and restore credibility and rule of law in the party.

4) He probably was motivated to seek a quick end to damaging factional in-fighting which is going on.

5) There's a lot of precious time has been lost during the in-fighting which could have been better spent to regain of trust and support of Malaysian for the party after its dismal performance in the last general election.

6) If this in-fighting continues, MCA will indeed in no time become totally irrelevance, leading to its ultimate demise which eventually could affecting BN performance in next general election.

7) As a second biggest party in BN after UMNO, any defect from MCA would therefore render a significant affect to BN. Thus a change in MCA leadership is must.

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