Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1) I have read The Star columnist by Risen Jayaseelan, touched on MRT project that will ran through TTDI, please clicks here. The columnist seems doesn't agree with the construction of MRT project as he tough the bulk of money should be spend to increase the efficiency of existing public transportation hub and services. According to him, the construction of MRT would create the traffic congestion in already congested TTDI. I believe it was in support to air the public grievances of TTDI which expected there will be non-stop traffic jams in already congested roads in TTDI.

2) I have been wondering, does he done the details analysis on the pros and cons over the proposed MRT construction? I believe the government have done that. 

3) One of the common problems of our people is failed to have strategies thinking and practical thinking in lives. There were too many mental baggage's which sometimes turn into mental block which resulting obstacles to our day to day life. As a result, its turn to defeat the purpose, which not good to nation future to be fully developed by 2020.

4) Maybe Ministry of Education should re look its education syllabus to includes the strategies thinking in their teaching. That is why, most of our people failed to look things beyond their scope or see things inside the box, not outside the box.

5) We also tend to be more selfish, always see things for our own benefit. If we have enough money to buy expensive imported premium car, why don't we buy 1 less expensive national car just to show our patriotism towards nation. What else the government want except than small sacrifice from public to show support just for the sake of our nation. One shouldn't asked for more, since the government willing to built the infrastructure just for the people, not for certain individuals.

6) Come on la, please see things outside the box la, try to look far ahead, not just look for ourselves. We living in multi society and multi religious nation, no one would able to get everything for themselves, in some circumstances, one would need to sacrifice for the benefit of the whole.

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