Sunday, January 2, 2011

Congratulation to Malaysian Football Team, Happy New Year & Merry Chrismas

Congratulation to Malaysian Football Team

1) Its been 21 years our senior national football team have not won any of major tournament. Thus, the recent achievement of AFF Cup or Suzuki Cup really means a lot to Malaysian. It has prompted our PM to declare public holiday to commemorate this achievement.

2) All fans tthroughout the country are sitting in front of televisions or mamak stalls to watch our national team playing, even our PM has gone to Jalan Bukit Bintang to join the crowd of Malaysia supporters during 2nd leg of semi final game against Vietnam. It shows that our PM are the same tone as other Malaysians, its truly signify the meaning of inclusiveness of our top leadership.

3) This achievement also means a lot to our national unity, the fans have given their utmost undivided loyalty and support throughout tournament. Throughout my life I never seen our national football team match in the stadium, but the experienced I had during 1st leg of AFF Cup final trilled my a lot anyway. My blood running up and down throughout the match, but what really me proud of is when the whole stadium are singing together our national anthem before the match and rejoiced together whenever our national team scored the goals. I was told that our national team jerseys has been sold out too.

4) I hope this achievement does not stop there, this team has a lot potentials and the players are still young. It shows that FAM has made right decision to keep the same team that won the SEA Games in 2009.

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas

5) I would like to wish all readers a happy new year and to those Christian followers, a merry Christmas (I hope it was not too late although its been 7 days ago). Hope a new year of 2011 will bring happiness and joys to all us. Let us stay united not only during good times but also during trying times.

6) I do hope the people of Malaysia would be able to "THINK" what it is mean of unity when it's need most currently. Let us say goodbye to all nonsense perpetuated by the irresponsible politicians who just looking for a popularity at the expenses of our unity.

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