Thursday, January 13, 2011

Suspension of Khir Toyo's Title

1) The suspension of Khir Toyo's title of Datuk Seri, please read here, should be a lesson and learn to all the politicians including the opposition.

2) This is the price that has to be paid by someone who swayed from his original path or its responsibility as MB. The decision made by Selangor Sultan was in-line with the policy for title-holders to surrender their titles if charged in court, it was made during Khir Toyo tenure as MB of Selangor as claimed by SUK, Dato Khusrin as reported by

3) However, Khir Toyo over his blog, claims that he had send a letter of surrender his title to His Highness of Selangor since on 7th and 10th December 2010. After that, he was informed that His Highness and Royal Assembly has suspended his title. Initially he presumed the suspension made was relative to his letter to the Palace. But since this matter broke-up, he was neither sure the decision made based on his letter nor based on the policy made.

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