Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zairil Khir Johari on Why I Joined DAP

1) This poor Zairil Khir Johari was totally in disillusion over the true UMNO fought. I assume, his late father would against his decision to join DAP, but would not against him if he chooses to join PAS or PKR.

2) To join DAP was ridiculous, one must have forgotten the true path of its party, or has dwelt on too much of anger toward UMNO/BN. All sort of corruptions, nepotism and cronyism in UMNO/BN are the main culprits.

3) Maybe his late father forgotten or probably failed to plant the soul of true fought of UMNO, it was something like someone who has a deep understanding on Islam but without soul or iman. This analogy could better described on why he joined DAP, not as what was claimed in Malaysian Insider.

4) The party that he currently joined was equally corrupted as UMNO/BN. I don't think, I have to elaborate further on what are the corruptions that DAP/PKR has done. Selangor for instance, has shown clear picture of how was the pot calling the kettle black they are. Not only that, the damaged done was enormous until it scratched our religion dignity. And yet, these are the people who support and even had subscribed this ultra kiasu and racist party principle along with dumb and dumber of Malays PKR and PAS.

5) What wrong with them, what are the things that actually circulating inside their mind? Furthermore, his political future in DAP would go nowhere, since I don't believe the status quo in DAP would allow someone without patronage and hierarchy. It is indeed the same things he would get if he joined UMNO/BN. My guess, he would possibly fare better with UMNO than with DAP, since he still has his farther influence. With DAP, he is the only kiasu among the ultra kiasu's, the same fate as Syed Hussin Al-Attas has during with Gerakan. Even though Gerakan membership is open to every Malaysian, regardless of his/her race, Gerakan still regarded as Chinese based party as DAP has.

6) I would like to suggest him to join Gerakan if he still looking other party than UMNO. It is because of Gerakan have more mature, practicable and more sensible in their approach in politic. They are not Chinese centric party and more responsible party than DAP. In fact, if I am not mistaken, Gerakan also have the Malay members.   

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