Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another By Election?

1) Kedah Times reported, there will another by election going to be held in Kedah, please click here. This time around, its going to be Padang Serai parlimentary constituency.

2) It current MP, YB Gobalakrishnan has been found guilty and consequently fined amounting RM 3000.00 by the Penang magistrate court. The charged against him was for disturbing or distracting police officers in discharging its duty. According to Kedah Times, there were also several cases against him including beating police officer during Permatang Pauh by election.

3) According to articles 48 of federal constitution, any MP will loose his or her right as an MP if he or her found guilty by federal court and consequently jailed for not more than 1 year or fined for not less than RM 2000.00.

4) So the possibility of another by election, if he failed in his appeal to reverse court earlier verdict, he has been given 14 days to act.

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