Monday, May 17, 2010

Ramli Sarip - Tafsiran Alam (Wisdom of Nature)

1) On Monday May 10, 2010, I had an opportunity to see Ramli Sarip performance at Petronas Philharmonic hall. The concert theme was Tafsiran Alam (Wisdom of Nature). It was the 3rd performance by Ramli Sarip that I have seen.

2) Ramli Sarip performance was back up by 17 musician from Malaysia and Singapore led by composer Eddie Marzuki. The band includes, to name a few, Man Kidal and Mohd Rafi on guitar, Din Safari on bass, Tom Anuar on drum and Kudin on keyboard.

3) Fund from the ticket sales will go to charity group Muslim Aid Malaysia Humanitarian Foundation which Ramli Sarip is the ambassador. Muslim Aid founded by Yusof Islam, is an international charity foundation aimed at eradicating world hunger and poverty.

4) Ramli also have guest artiste, the veteran singer of Malay music Andre Goh. As usual, all the songs sung by Ramli is the overview of 4 decades of his career from Sweet Charity days till his solo career. There's also 2 new songs been played, titled Kekasihku, based on a poem by Pian Habib. The other new song is also from a poem "Ziarah" by Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

5) To compare with his performance at Istana Budaya somewhen 4 years ago with this performance, there are not much difference, the only difference probably sound system is far better than in Istana Budaya, where we can hear every single instruments clearly and the whole sound wasn't too noisy. To put the matter into interesting note, there was a saxophonist inclusion to spice the things up which has paid off.

6) Generally, it was a good performance by Ramli Sarip as usual.

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