Sunday, May 2, 2010

Block L & M and Limbang

1) Tun Dr. M over his blog claimed that Pak Lah has surrendered Block L and M to Brunei in order to get back Limbang in Sarawak. The Block L and M was claimed based on historical facts.

2) The negotiation took place 3 weeks before he step down, was aimed to solving long standing border dispute between Malaysia and Brunei. Unfortunately, the negotiation has put our country at losing side.

3) How come he can said " The financial and modalities for giving affects to this agreement will be further discussed by the two sides. This means that is so far as the oil resources are concerned, the agreement is not loss for Malaysia" said Pak Lah in his statement. My questions is, how can he said that it is not a loss for Malaysia, since we loss our sovereign soil to other country which we initially may get 100% of its oil resources, instead we only possibly could get 50% of it resources. To me, it is a clear cut facts that we are at the loose sides.

4) To rub further salts into the wound, Brunei disclaimed that they had agreed to surrender Limbang to Malaysia.   

5) Even though, in the agreement stated there will be a joint development for 40 years between Malaysia and Brunei in these Block L and M, Brunei can still do as what they want in their own backyard, it is clearly Malaysia will be again on the loose side. Furthermore, no Petronas representatives were present during negotiation. It is such a sheer stupid negotiation mooted by a stupid PM of Malaysia.

6) During his short tenure as PM of Malaysia, there were too many weak and stupid decisions has been made, he has put our country at the loose side, to name a few i.e scenic bridge, electrified double track railway, monsoon cup and etc. I can't imagine if he stay much longer, I presume it would be a disaster to our politics and economy, which eventually will put Malaysia to be a pariah nation.

7) Pak Lah also said both countries agreed to undertake a joint survey to demarcate the agreed boundary between Malaysia and Brunei, thus this mean to me, the issue of Brunei surrendered their claimed on Limbang is not settle yet. Brunei would probably also get Limbang in the end or a part of its or probably not at all, its all will depend on the result of demarcation exercise.

8) It is not a clear cut negotiation, where Malaysia would get a Limbang, while Brunei on the other hand in return will get Block L & M.

9) I'm very sad and angry to hear this story after we have loss Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore. All of this is due to weak negotiation and bad preparation by the stupid administration of then PM of Malaysia.      

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