Saturday, May 8, 2010

Open Letter

1) Anwar Ibrahim over his blog, has posted an open letter to PM of Malaysia by Margaret John, the Coordinator for Malaysia and Singapore and other letters from prominent Canadian politicians, including former Canadian PM. Please click here to see those letters.

 2) In the letters, all of them has urged PM of Malaysia to intervene the Anwar Ibrahim current trial of sodomy. It clearly was a blatant intervention of our sovereignty, and it is absolutely an act of treason by Anwar Ibrahim.

 3) What really surprised me, the letters was came from renowned former politician of western country who claimed upholding the democracy. What is democracy interpretation to us? Is it the one that western world being practicing right now or the one that 3rd world? To them the true democracy interpretation is only for Anwar Ibrahim or western, if it was not in line with their interpretation, then it would considered not democratic, or in other words, the double standard of democracy interpretation.

 4) They have talked about the right of Anwar Ibrahim to defend himself against so called portrayed discrimination and conspiracy, until they defy Mr. Saiful right as plaintiff, which supposed to be treated equally either.

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