Saturday, May 15, 2010

Football Gambling

1) I'm not supporting to any kind of betting or gambling, in fact it was forbid in Islam.

2) However unfortunately, there are many Muslims out there still gambling even though its clearly been forbid by Islam. The question is, does the government is wrong to issue the football gambling license or Islamic teaching is wrong or the Muslims attitude is wrong?

3) We can create many rules to prevent people from doing something, but it is still up to that people whether want to break that rules or not. As an authority, it is it responsibility to educate the people about the consequences of breaking the rule. Islam also teach it followers why gambling was forbidden. But why there are many Muslims still doing it? What wrong with Muslims people?

4) Since we against the government decision, then we should also question government decision in issuing other gambling licenses to Genting Group, Magnum Corporation and Berjaya Group. We seems look the issue at very shallow way, why we cannot see the issue at larger context.

5) Next, why we do not against government decision in issuing license to non Muslims to sell alcohol? Drinks alcohol also have the same sins as gambling.

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  1. LESEN JUDI BOLA UNTUK SIAPA? Kalau sekadar menentang utk `political-mileage`,saya rasa kita tak perlu berkokok untuk menunjuk kita lebih islam dari org lain. Klau dulu pemimpin sebuah parti politik beria2 mendesak kerajaan menutup kilang arak tetapi mengapa pula tidak skarang? Itu hipokrit namanya... macam kempen bantah lesen judi skarang. Sekadar Pandangan.